What is Unified?

"Binance's latest experiment to integrate decentralized finance with its centralized platform, Binance Smart Chain, is not here to beat DeFi. Instead, it aims to accelerate crypto and DeFi’s mass adoption."

Changpeng (CZ) Zhao, CEO of Binance

CeDeFi is the combination of centralized finance and decentralized finance. With this rich universe of opportunities comes the ever-present challenges of how to manage & optimize your digital asset portfolio. Unified solves this.

The pain point we are solving: As users delve deeper into cryptocurrency space, their digital assets will be spread across different blockchain protocols, projects and exchanges, making it harder for users to monitor their portfolio.

We replace written notepads and manually-inputted spreadsheets.

Unified is a dashboard that gives you a single, holistic view of all your on-chain addresses (DeFi) and exchange accounts (CeFi).

With Unified's first iteration, in a single interface, you can:

  • Understand your complete cryptocurrency portfolio exposures, returns and risks.

  • Understand how those exposures, returns and risks change over time.

  • View all your balances across different blockchain protocols, projects and exchanges.

  • Trade your onchain balances within a particular blockchain protocol.

  • View your non-fungible tokens (NFTs) across different blockchain protocols, projects and exchanges.

  • Share your portfolio performance via your public Unified dashboard link. FLEX your performance!

  • View useful market and onchain data including open interest, funding rates, on-chain balance/flow metrics and exchange balance/flow metrics.

  • Share your comments on linked market data to your Twitter account, Unified's Twitter account and Unified's Telegram Feed. FLEX your knowledge!

In a future iteration of Unified, you can:

  • Exercise optimal trading activities under your direction (Trade efficiently). Unified will slice orders into smaller sizes and execute them both via decentralized exchanges and centralized exchanges to minimize slippage costs. For example:

    • You may seek to acquire 100 ETH for your portfolio, with it being optimized in terms of USDC price.

    • Unified may determine that this is optimistically achieved via 15 ETH purchased via Sushiswap, 20 ETH purchased via Uniswap, 30 ETH purchased via Binance and 40 ETH purchased via FTX.

  • Direct and manage your funds in on-chain vaults that function as yield auto-compounders (Allocate optimally).

    • Within each protocol, we identify yield auto-compounders e.g Yearn within Ethereum, Beefy within Binance Smart Chain and YieldYak within Avalanche.

    • Unified will enable you to:

      • Deposit your assets within a protocol into a liquidity pool and have them deposited into yield auto-compounders,

      • Move assets from a yield auto-compounder to another yield auto-compounder within the same protocol, or

      • Withdraw assets from a yield auto-compounder in one protocol, bridge those assets across to another protocol and then have them deposited in a yield auto-compounder in another protocol.

  • Rebalance your portfolio automatically across all your on-chain addresses and exchange accounts (Re-balance portfolios optimally).

    • In your private Unified dashboard, you specify your target distribution in terms of $ value across cryptocurrencies.

      • E.g. a target distribution of 20% USD, 40% BTC, 40% ETH.

    • Unified will adjust your portfolio automatically and optimally towards the target distribution. Subject to meeting a tolerance range (to reduce over-trading), if the portfolio value changes, then Unified will execute transactions optimally on both your on-chain addresses & through your centralized exchange accounts to hit the target distribution again.

      • E.g. if the portfolio value changes to e.g. 30% USD, 25% BTC, 45% ETH, then Unified will reduce USD, increase BTC and reduce ETH to hit the target distribution.

      • E.g. Unified would sell ETH via ETH/BTC and buy BTC via BTC/USD at optimal prices both on-chain and centralized exchanges.

We built Unified to help users:

  • Be better informed about the status of their diverse cryptocurrency portfolio,

  • Make better decisions on managing their cryptocurrency investment assets, and

  • Automate complex trading, allocation & re-balancing activities.

In our documentation, we may use the following terms interchangeably:

On-chain: Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Off-chain: Centralized Finance (CeFi)

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