Funding rates snapshot

Why is this information useful?

This information tells you the state of funding rates in the overall market, across different exchanges. This may be useful to the user when considering whether or not there is large differences in futures trading activity across exchanges.

This information is best read in conjunction with the overall aggregated funding rate relative to price trend.

The most comprehensive source for a snapshot of funding rates data is Coinglass, followed by Viewbase. Things to note:

  • All funding rate data is stated on an 8-hour basis.

  • The exception to the above is for FTX and dydx. Funding rates on these platforms are stated on an hourly basis, but are presented on Coinglass and other similar platforms on an 8-hour basis for ease of comparison.

We provide both USD-margined and coin-margined funding rates.

Coinglass includes additional tabs that convert the 8-hour rate to daily, weekly and annual basis, by multiplying the 8-hour rate by 3 times, 21 times, and 8,760 times respectively.

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