Security considerations

Another key challenge is the use of smart contract approvals and APIs to execute transactions (which is expected to occur in a future iteration of Unified).

In its initial iteration, Unified functions as purely read-only. This minimizes security risks to users. For avoidance of doubt, this means:

  • No smart contract approvals are required to execute balance transfers on user wallets.

  • Exchange APIs are view-only.

In its future iteration, the following security measures will be taken:

  • The front-end of the platform will be safeguarded to prevent instances such as that of the BadgerDao hack.

  • 2FA implementation to access user accounts on the platform, so as to add an extra layer of security when exchange APIs that enable transactions are implemented.

  • Limits on account activity, monitored by algorithms and bots, will flag and lock out suspicious account activity.

  • Smart contract approvals will never be for infinite approvals, unless with the express choice of the user.

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