Unified Token

Will there be a token?

Yes. There will be a token.

Will there be an initial coin offering (ICO) or launchpad offering?

No. We do not intend to have an ICO or launchpad offering. Tokens are expected to be distributed primarily to users, exchanges, protocols, projects. There will be an allocation of tokens provided to early backers of Unified.

When token? How will users get their hands on the token?

  • A token will be made available when the platform has demonstrated strong traction, with a view to further supercharging platform growth.

  • Tokens will be retrospectively airdropped to users based on a few factors, including the following:

    • Age of account.

    • Number of features used by the account (which may or may not be linked to the number of addresses monitored, or API keys utilized).

    • Frequency of platform actions used by the account (which may or may not be linked to the type of daily actions taken by users, or the average daily action).

    • Participation in beta testing of new features

  • Tokens will be retrospectively airdropped to users who provide other value-added activities e.g. acting as community managers, demonstrating support/helpfulness to other users.

There will also be a referral programme so that users can earn tokens by referring Unified to other users who sign-up.

Will those donating to Unified also receive tokens?

We are open to receiving donations. In the event a token is issued, those who selflessly donate without an expectation of a return, will likely receive a gift that reflects their generosity.

What benefits accrue to token holders?

Requirement to hold tokens to access certain platform features

Certain platform features will only be made available to users holding a specified number of tokens. Users will have to sign to confirm ownership of an onchain address.

Governance over a DAO that holds a share of all advertising, sponsorship & subscription revenues

50% of all advertising, sponsorship & subscription revenues will be channeled to a DAO governed by the token holders. Subject to a majority vote, the DAO can elect to redirect the digital assets owned by the DAO in a variety of ways, including:

  • Proportional distributions to all token holders.

  • Investing it in other digital assets that provide a recurring income or potential future capital gain to the DAO.

It is our intention to accept mainly on-chain payments for our advertising, sponsorship & subscriptions. Where payments are accepted off-chain, they will be converted into digital assets and remitted to the DAO accordingly.

If you reside in a jurisdiction which does not allow you to hold such digital assets, it is your responsibility to notify us. We will allow all users who are entitled to a retrospective airdrop to claim their entitlement, but the onus is on users to determine if they can receive and hold such tokens.

What is the expected token distribution?

There will be a maximum supply of 100,000 tokens.




No vesting.

Exchanges, protocols, projects


1-year vesting.

Investors & donors


2-year vesting.



3-year vesting.

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