Global markets & onchain data provided by Unified

“Before you invest in something, invest in the time to understand it.”
We believe that the following 2 sets of data provide useful information to crypto traders & investors:
  1. 1.
    Trading data in spots, futures & options markets.
  2. 2.
    Onchain data.
With respect to futures-related data, we focus on:
With respect to onchain data, we focus on:
Useful information sources include:
For all charts and tables we provide, there is a link on the top right hand side that will enable the user to:
  • Share the chart / table as an image via Twitter.
  • Download the chart / table as an image file.
  • Download the table as an XLS or CSV file.
Where the chart / table is shared as an image via Twitter or downloaded as an image file, there is a Unified watermark on the chart / table.
Please help credit Unified for the chart / table. Thank you!