FTX has a single wallet structure. This means users do not need to transfer balances between different wallets for different activities.
For each cryptocurrency, the wallet carries 3 types of key information:
  • "Balances" in amount of asset.
  • "Available balances" in amount of asset.
  • "Available balances" in $ value.
The summation of all the "available balances" in $ value gives you the total $ value, and so does the summation of "in order balances" in $ value.
In addition to that, the wallet carries information on the user's trading position(s). For each cryptocurrency position, there are 6 types of key information:
  • Side of the position i.e. whether long or short
  • Position size of the position in amount of asset
  • Average open price of the position in $ price
  • Mark price of the position in $ price
  • Unrealized profit/loss of the position in $ value (which is a function of size, average open and mark price)
  • Estimated liquidation price in $ price

FTX API documentation

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