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"The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary."

Alexander Elder

The goal of all traders & investors is to make money (DOH!) (or at least, not lose it).

The starting point of being a successful trader is to be able to understand the value of your portfolio at all times.

Have you encountered any of this before? Do any of this seem familiar to you?

  • "I am not sure what my individual and total exchange balances are. I signed up for a lot of platforms."

  • "Each exchange interface is different and I need to look for the tab that shows me my balances. Some exchanges have multiple wallets for a user's account e.g. trading wallet, funding wallet."

  • "I am not sure how my total portfolio on exchanges is doing. How is it performing in line with the market?"

  • "It takes a lot of time for me to access the different exchange platforms. This problem gets worse during peak periods when many users try to access the exchange front end."

Good news, these are all the problems addressed by Unified.

  • We give you one holistic view of your balances at all exchanges, which you can break down further into individual assets or individual exchanges.

  • We give you one clean, standardized interface.

  • We show you your balances benchmarked against the price of BTC, over time, snapshotted at a fixed time.

  • We use APIs so you don't have to deal with accessing exchange front-ends.

To use Unified, you will:

  1. Access your exchange account.

  2. Apply for a view-only / read-only API. Take note of the secret key provided to you.

  3. Log in to your Unified account (after registering for an account, if you don't already have one!).

  4. Select the exchange account that you want to attach to your Unified account.

  5. Input the secret key to your exchange account.

Give it a few minutes and you should be able to start seeing your exchange balances all in one interface.

For guides on how to generate read-only APIs from different exchanges, please refer to the section on how to add accounts from different exchanges:

The type of information that we provide for all exchanges

For each cryptocurrency asset in the wallet, we provide:

  • Balances in the amount of asset, which comprises (i) "Available" balances and (ii) "In order / locked" balances.

  • Balances in $ value.

  • "Available" balances in the amount of asset i.e. assets that are freely transferable or withdrawable from the exchange.

  • "Available" balances in $ value.

  • "In order / locked" balances in the amount of asset i.e. assets that are currently reserved by the exchange due to being placed in limit orders or used as collateral.

  • "In order / locked" balances in $ value.

For each open MARGIN position, we provide:

  • Position in amount of asset

  • Position value in $ value

  • Mark price of the position in $ price

  • Liquidation price in $ price

For each open FUTURES position, we provide:

  • Direction of the position i.e. whether long or short

  • Size of the position in amount of asset

  • Average entry price of the position in $ price

  • Mark price of the position in $ price

  • Unrealized profit/loss of the position in $ value (which is a function of size, average entry and market price)

  • Liquidation price in $ price

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