Liquidations snapshot

Why is this information useful?

This information tells you if there is a significant amount of liquidations happening in the recent 24-hour period.

Liquidations occur because they represent forced closing of long or short positions due to insufficient margin to support a position. Therefore, liquidations may indicate that the market has overshot on the downside (if there is an excessive amount of long liquidations) or overshot on the upside (if there is an excessive amount of short liquidations).

The most comprehensive source for a snapshot of liquidations data is Coinglass.

We focus on a limited set of liquidations data, but which is (in our view), the most useful:

  • We provide BTC, ETH, LUNA and SOL liquidations data. There are many other cryptocurrencies with futures and margin markets, but they are smaller relative to these markets.

  • We provide liquidations data for the abovementioned BTC, ETH, Luna and SOL liquidations data on a past 1-hour, 4-hours, 12-hours and 24-hours basis.

  • We provide liquidations data by type (long liquidations or short liquidations) broken down by exchanges, on the abovementioned past 1-hour, 4-hours, 12-hours and 24-hours basis.

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